That Summer, Episode 1 Kelli's POV I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I look at the clock and I'm 30 Minutes behind! I jumped out of bed, threw my nerdy birdy shirt and some jeans. I ran a brush through my hair and put my glasses on. I leaped on the stair rail, and slid down it. *sigh* The joy of 5 seconds. I slipped some cereal in my mouth, then ran out the door. As soon as I walked out, the bus passed right by my house! Great. How am I going to get to school? And then I saw Jackie… and her wanna-be's. Jackie: hey Loser! Need a ride? *laughs* to bad. Nerds aren't allowed in this fabulous car. If I had it my way, nerds wouldn't even HAVE a car. Well tootles! Wannabes: *laugh* Kelli:*sighs out loud* Another torturous day. *walks to school* Jaycee & Leslie: *run up to her* Where were you, and why were you walking to school!?!?! Kelli: Missed the stupid bus. Ah well. The Chics went and had a short talk with me, no big deal. Jaycee: Ohhh I hate them. Those girls make me want to shoot every living person that is like that. Leslie: agreed! Well I gotta go to class. Meet up at lunch? The usual place? Kelli: Alright. Jaycee: Deal. *walks off* Kelli's POV I walked to class, and had a more dreading feeling then usual. I sat down in my seat, and ran my fingers through my hair. I did my best to look good, but then again "Good" isn't in my vocabulary. Teacher: Class, we have a new student. Don't treat him any different, but please welcome our new student.. Justin Bieber. Justin <b>…</b>

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