In Reality, My Ears Almost Burst While Recording This Baby… You Can Say It's Just 3 Phone Cards Stuck To A Bottle Which Is Mounted On The Back Of Your Bike To Make A Crap Load Of Noise That Will DEFINITELY Alarm Everyone Around You…(Sounds MUCH MUCH Louder In Reality) There's A Secret Annotation Inside The Video That Sends You To Older Version Of This Invention That I Recorded A Long Time Ago. Materials You Will Need: 1. Recycled Water Bottle (This Will Be The Main Body Of This Project) 2. Tape (I Used Cheap Electrical Tape As I Had An Abundance Of It) 3. Cards (I Used Phone Cards That I Took From My Friend As It Was Pretty Hard, The Harder The Better) 4. Scissors (To Cut The Tape If You Can't Tear It Like A Pro And Also To Cut The Bottom Of The Bottle) 5. Hose Clamps (Optional) (I Used It Because It Keeps The Bottle From Moving Too Much When The Cards Hit The Spoke) 6. Hot Glue Gun (Optional) (Although i Did Not Use One For This Project, I Feel That You May Need it If You Suck At Taping The Card To The Bottle) How To Make It: The Steps Are Pretty Self-Explanatory But I Will Still Briefly Go Through Them. 1. Take The Bottle And Chop Off The Lower Half Of The Bottle With The Scissors. 2. Make A Slit Near The Head Of The Bottle At It's Side And Push The Cards In, Don't Put It All The Way In As You Need It To Hit The Spokes Later. 3. Tape The Card On To The Bottle And Make Sure It Can't Move Around Too Much In The Bottle As It May Come Off When You Are Riding With Your <b>…</b>

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