Tricia Asked: The world ending dream? Ive had it 3 times in the last year(from feb 2011-now)?

I know this has no meaning to the world actually ending. I am just curious to know what it possibly could mean,
I had a baby 8 months ago:
The other 3 times i had the dream she wasn't in it. But it played out the same in all 3 of them. This Time:
In my dream i knew something was going to happen and so did other people. Everyone was going to try to get to the tallest building they could get to. every time i had this dream it was the waves were the same. If you have ever played Mario Party 3, the mini game Tidal Toss is how the flood that would end the entire world started.
Before I left my mom's house she told me that the kids(mine and my 4 year old sister and my 12 yr old brother) would get to the biggest building and to not worry about it. just go and try to find my sister(shes 19). so after I left when the waves were about to begin my mom told me that noone was coming to help bring them to the building. and i screamed at her that im taking my baby with me. idc if i have to hold my breath forever. so I ran off with my baby and when the waves started, i started to jump over them, holding her tightly. then I ran off to nasa to c if they would send a bunch of people into space, and after i went to see if they would i imagined aliens watching the world go from green to all blue. after nasa said no. i ran back outside to try and go find the tallest building but the waves got really really big. and then i was woken up because of my baby crying.
I had this dream 2ce last night and both times it was the exact same way, i woke up because of her crying the first time and a alarm clock the second time. ( these i counted as one dream).
the 3 other times i had it everyone drowned because no building in the world was tall enough. this time it didnt have a ending. the other 3 dreams i didn't go to nasa btw and i didn't see the aliens, i just went for the building. the 2 dreams from last night were exactly the same.


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