whee so mee Asked: Ugly bedroom! Hate it! Please help me!?

My bedroom is
A.) Small, but I have a queen canopy bed that takes up a lot of space.
B.) It has TWO nightstands, making it look pretty tacky.
C.) One nightstand is across my bed with an ugly TV on it.
D.) On top of the ugly TV is a wireless router with some weird blue wireless router on top of that!
E.) My other nightstand is next to my bed with a monitor and keyboard and mouse and alarm clock on it. Then next to the nightstand by my bed is it's computer thing with broken speakers on it. Then next to that is some stupid old extension cord that connects a LONG blue cord that's suppose to hook up to my wireless routers for the internet to work… ALL THE WAY ACROSS MY ROOM!
F.) The floor is some weird tacky old pink carpet
G.) The room has THREE doors! Which means LIMITED ways to move things around (all white doors)
H.) The walls are basically all white, except for it has a strip of some weird old style wallpaper going across the top of my room!
I.) Across my large canopy bed is a dresser attached with a mirror on top! But get this, one of the dressers handles broke off!
J.) Now we come to the TWO windows that also limit my way of assort-ion! These two windows have very tacky old country style curtains that are pink… Matches the ugly strip of wallpaper and ugly carpet!
My room is so disgusting to me, that… I don't even know where to begin! My parents forbid my to change the color of the walls :( Nothing I can do about the ugly carpet… But what really bothers me is all the cables in my room! What can I do to make my room look better… I'm clueless and depressed!


gopherr Answered:
Oh man, I know what it's like having an ugly bedroom, haha. I feel for you! I'll address each problem one thing at a time, hopefully some of my suggestions will be helpful! :)

A.) Okay, even if you love the canopy, TAKE IT OFF! You'll be amazed at how much bigger the room looks without the canopy. If you can, try getting the bed into a corner, that might help make more room possible. Add some lighting if possible – this will also make a difference! Mirrors placed in the room help a LOT too. It makes the space appear larger and more spacious. Store everything you can under your bed and remove any necessary furniture and clutter.

B.) Get rid of one if possible!!

C.) Ick! Okay, here's what can help a lot: Mount the TV on the wall! Then, you can free up space by getting rid of that ugly nightstand. TV wall mounting kits are really pretty cheap! ($20-30) And if the TV is a big, old clunky one that is difficult to mount, it's easy and pretty cheap to just build a shelf to put it on instead.

D.) If the wireless router can be moved elsewhere, do that. Maybe behind the TV or some piece of furniture? If not, try to hide it or disguise it. Hm, a box, a picture in front of it, something!

E.) Ohh boy….do you have a desk for that? I'm assuming you don't, since the computer is on your nightstand. But a nightstand should be used for the purpose of a nightstand, not computer desk…however, if you don't have enough space for both, just get rid of that nightstand and get a cheap desk to put in its place. A shelf built at desk height can also work and is cheaper. Get some sort of stool that you can push under the desk when it isn't in use to free up space. As for the extension cord to the wireless router…move the router! If you can't move the router, try moving the computer. Spend a few hours moving furniture around and playing with the positioning of everything. If all else fails, get a wire cover for the wire and try hiding it behind things.

F.) Try getting some throw rugs to put over it. Putting a mat under rugs can help keep them in place. There are other solutions, such as carpet tiles (http://www.flor.com/) and getting a piece of carpet cut for your room and staple gunning it over the original carpet – but these could get a bit pricey and are solutions only if you cannot remove the original carpet. Talk to your parents about getting rid of the carpet if you can! If not, again, some throw rugs/mats are my best solution.

G.) What can you possibly need three doors for!? Talk to your parents about stopping use of at least one door. Then you can move furniture against it and have more room to maneuver things. Again, this should help with your cable problem.

H.) Take the wallpaper down or simply paint over it. Since you can't change the color of your walls, just paint white over it. Add some pictures or a poster or wall decorations here and there to help the walls not look so bland and boring. Don't go overboard – too much will make the room busy/cluttered. Are your parents against you painting the woodwork? If not, you could paint that a fun color – green, blue, pink, yellow – and it'd spice things up.

I.) I bet the handle can be reattached with super glue or nails! Is there any way you can save up for a new dresser? Get one that is tall rather than wide to save space. If the dresser is really ugly, you can repaint it and all your furniture to match.

J.) New curtains would help a lot. Simple, plain curtains will help the room feel bigger.

If any of these things are going to be not allowed by your parents then before you begin take the time to write a detailed plan of what you want to do. Don't make any crazy or drastic changes, just small ones like the ones I talked about. Write down how much everything would cost and show that you have the money to afford it. Sit down with your parents and have a mature discussion, showing them your plans and budget. Hopefully this will help them to realize you are mature and smart enough to decorate your own room. If not, make small and simple changes that they won't mind. I know it's difficult being stuck with an ugly room, but hopefully my advice will help at least a little!

Good luck!

Lillie Awsome Answered:
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orlenda Answered:
i agree with what the first person said-but also get a new handle for teh dresser maybe-or do some kind of repair (this has happened to me before…it just happens sometimes).if it is beyond repair-maybe your parents willl let you get another one?

get new bedding.

get wall art that you like

I lived in a small room through most of my teens and loved the cozyness!just try to make it cozy, and keep to a color scheme.keep things organized and hidden in drawers and baskets.

look up cord and cable organization products.i also recommend trying to learn about what cables do what so you can maybe make some changes-that network cable going across the room sounds weird since you can have the wireless router anywhere for your computer to work!maybe ask questions abotu that of yoru parents, siblings, family, friends or on the yahoo answers computers section?

good luck!

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