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Well, I'm only 14 and well I… Have really heavy periods. Like, REALLY heavy. I went through 4 pads at school today and I bled through during 4th period ;.; It was so embarrassing, I just stood up and had by backpack over my bum all day. I can't use tampons, (As I'm a virgin and intend to stay that way) and my mom would be suspicious if I asked to be on the pill. I put one on before I go to bed, but I have to set my alarm to like, 1-3 in the morning to get up and change it or I'll wake up with a pool of blood on my mattress. I've heard it can relate to being overweight, which I'm not. And this bloody mess causes a whole lotta self esteem issues for me.
Is there anything I can do like, change my diet? What foods can help it lighten up?
I tired of sitting in a diaper for two weeks >:C
Any help?


Go to your doctor they'll help you.

Um.. just using a tampon doesn't mean you arent a virgin anymore. Having sex means you aren't a virgin anymore.

I'm sure your mum would understand if you wanted to go on the pill for that reason, she is a woman, therefore she has experiance many periods over her life time.
& your period goes for two weeks? that is certianly not right. If I were you I'd go to the doctor, it could be something more than just a heavy period.

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