Sisco Asked: Undecided Question: 2000 Lincoln Town Car Key Fob Out Of Battery?

I believe that my key fob (wireless remote used for lock, unlock, trunk, alarm, etc.) is out of battery because it flat out does not work anymore… So I was wondering if I could somehow open it up and replace the battery or if I'm going to have to order a new one. Please help.


You should be able to see a seam around the fob. Place the edge of a butter knife in that seam, and twist the knife gently….. The fob should separate into havles. You may have to use this procedure on 2-3 places around the fob. Once inside, you'll likely find a large flat battery….likely bearing the number 2016, or 2032. Obtain a replacement battery, and snap it back together and you're set…..unles you wanna spend $40 on a new universal type fob at AutoZone or O'Reilly's.

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