Asked: Undecided Question: Is it possible to use the power for a burglar alarm sensor for a wireless camera too?

I have those motion sensors, and I wondered if it would be possible for an electrician to use the power going to this to also power a wireless IP camera?


if the camera is 12VDC, you could use the power supply from the motion detector as long as it is hardwired. The data part of the camera will come from the wireless transmitter wherever that is going to be located. The camera would receive the data signal as long as it is powered up. Typical alarm system motion detectors are 12vdc so, in theory, it will work. The only issue i can foresee is if you have several motions wired to one alarm panel and it puts out too many amps. In this case you would have to add an additional power supply inside the alarm box to supplement the power draw that will be added.

no you need this

Use wire for a wireless camera? Come on now.

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