Jason Asked: Undecided Question: Is my PS3 a victim of power surge? What’s wrong with it? HELP!?

Okay, my PS3 was working fine earlier today, as I was playing online on Black Ops with friends. It was thundering and raining outside as a huge thunder clap struck really really close (made some car alarms go off). Then shortly after, I was kicked offline and couldn't sign back on. Now, when I am at the XMB, it will freeze up, it still won't sign online, wireless or wired (says connection error has occurred 80010201). Wired, when I setup for wired and do a connection test, it cannot obtain the IP address, and just doing a connection test, it says an ethernet cable is not connected. Also, the USB ports don't work anymore, as they won't light up the light on a flash drive, or read a flash drive, or sync my controllers. Also, the green light on the back of the system for the ethernet port doesn't come on when I connect the cable. I still get sound and picture from the system, just those problems that leave me to not being able to play my PS3. Any help? What do you guys think is wrong?


Always, always, always unplug valuable electronics during a storm if you dont have a surge protector. Could be the strike knocked down a line for your Internet, but most likely your ps3 is fried.

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