Ervis Asked: Undecided Question: Potterton Gold he combi boiler pressure?

Hi, i have little problem, with my boiler, yesterday morning i find out my hearing was off, i have wireless system attached to it, with alarm or something light that, not really sure how its works. in the evening i check my boiler again to make sure its working for night and i find out its pressure was over 3, whats is way to high. i have booked engineer for Monday, got insurance on it. my husband bleed a bit radiator and got it down pressure to just under 2, but now its again to 2,5 and i think its will be going high again, would it be safe to leave it on??? till Monday, its not that warm outside and got little girl in house.


Yes shut off the filling detailed by the other should be a braided hose with 2 inline valves..this fills the system with cold water…and works under cold water pressure.
Shutting these off will prevent an increase of pressure.
Don't worry too much about the pressure build up as the boiler has a built in pressure relief valve which will vent off if it get's too great.
Just best make sure this PRV will lead outside should it vent off..keeping the water from damaging carpets etc

It appears your filling loop is not fully shut off.At the front right hand side of the boiler looking up from underneath there are two small usually black knobs attached to the pipework with a very short piece of copper pipe between them. Make sure these are turned off(both) bear in mind they will turn in opposite directions to one another. The left one will be towards you and the right one away from you. They operate like normal taps. They are not levers.For this boiler this is the correct filling loop as it come supplied with the boiler. Just in case someone has fitted an external loop its a normally silver coloured flexible hose connected to two pipes close to the boiler with either lever or screwdriver operated valves. In this case the slots or levers should be at rightangles to the pipework for off.

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