Asked: Undecided Question: When the solar storm hits earth will electrical power be lost?

I've heard that any wireless tech will be down instantly but will everything that uses electricity stop working? Things like lights, TV's, house alarms etc?


If it's a big solar storm, then some small areas might suffer loss of electricity for a small period of time, but it's very rare that a solar storm will shut down the electricity of large areas, like a whole county or state or city.


We've been hit by worse with no ill effects.

not reallyits a solar stormmostpower plants will likleyget messed upthats why there wont be power but its a solar stormSOLAR =solar panelssolarpanels= free energy/electricity._.i ride a bikeanddont own a carandi have a pedal powered bike generator hooked to a 78 voltbattery bank rechargable bypedal powerits enough to runa medium sized mini fridgefor a few daysand as long as it stays charged almost anything i need to plug inexcept vacumes and **** ./_.

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