Cynthia Asked: Undecided Question: Why won’t my Netgear G54 Wireless Router WGR614v10 turn on?

So, I was online listening to music and blogging on Tumblr. Suddenly a storm started. I didn't think much about it. But then there was this stike of lightning and thunder. It must have been really strong because the electricity went out for about 2 seconds and then it came back on. I noticed my fan had cut off, along with my modem and router. But my alarm clock hadn't been restarted back at 12:00 am.

Okay, so basically I tried turned on my modem again and tried to turn on my router. Thing is, it won't turn on. Both my modem and router are plugged in on the same outlet thing. So of my modem works perfectly fine, why won't my router? I've tried everything to get it to work but nothing. And I just got it Last night. Any advice or help? I really need it!!


plug it in

Press the power button.

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