Asked: Vision Problems. Halos, Ghosting, and starburst?

I am a 19 year old college freshman. About 4 months ago, I noticed that sun glare from cars had become stronger. Shortly after, I started noticing that at night, street lights, car lights, and the moon had halos around them, the moon being the most noticeable one.

Also, lights became starburst. This is usually most noticeable with headlights during the night and cloudy days, streetlights, and LCD lights (such as cable modem lights, or laptop lights.)

For the past two weeks, I've experienced what I consider ghosting. I'm not sure about the difference between double vision and ghosting, but what I see is a faint, transparent, see-through image. This is most noticeable when watching TV. White letters will have a faint, stretched out image behind them. It also happens when looking at my alarm or my stove light, which both have LCD clocks.This morning, before I went to school, I noticed this happening on my couch when I was a certain distance away, but when I got close it dissapeared.

From what I've been reading, this could be a symptom of either diabetes or a brain tumor. About 6 months ago, I thought I had diabetes. My mom took me to a doctor, and I was tested on two separate occasions. Both tests came back negative. I've also had an eye exam recently. The doctor said I was a little nearsighted, but I have strong eye health. I do have a prescription , but she said I didn't need to wear them all the time. Mostly at night. I still haven't gotten a pair of glasses.

Does anyone have any advice? Sorry for the long read.


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