YahooWe Asked: What alarm system would be best?

I'm thinking of getting an alarm system. I live in Australia and I am looking for a good (recommended) brand to use.

I would like it to:

Be either built in the wall or just plugged into a power outlet.

Have rechargeable batteries built in so if anyone cuts off my power i'm still protected.

Wireless motion detectors/ Window alarms etc

Option to install yourself ( this doesn't really matter)

Low or no cost monthly fee.

Help encase someone breaks in they will either my home phone or my mobile to alert me.

Loud speakers

Maybe not to be connected to phone line ( It would be good not to encase they cut my phone cord)

Please help! Thanks


William B Answered:
A dog is the best,
thieves love to see a security sign in the yard

CircuitBoy Answered:
I think you would want an alarm system that is connected to a cellular dialer. I would recommend motion sensing cameras and then to communicate with you, hook that up to a cellular dialer system.You could install something like this yourself. It would be probably around $800 (US dollars).

Check out one option I reviewed here:

And then you can browse around my site looking for recommendations. I don't sell any products but I usually buy from a major reseller like Amazon.

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