Asked: What are houses like in South Africa?

Are the houses modern, like other first world countries? Do they have electricity, water pipes, gas pipes and so on? Do they have much security, like alarms or electric fences?
Please describe them to me in detail.


Are you serious?
The majority of houses in cities & towns (even on farms) are built from brick & mortar & they have tile roofs. They have electricity & running water. I'm reading your question using wireless Internet access.

PS20 years ago South Africa was the only country outside of Germany to build Mercedes-Benz & BMW cars.

I took a look in Google street viewn and almost all South African houses are lovely even the poorest.
The rich houses are so big, enormous gardens,swimpool, and of course alamrs and electric fences and the poor houses are humble yet lovely and clean. Most of South Africa have underground cables and it looks good. Thats cuz even the poorest areas look nice. Unlijke Mexico, that looks horrible, dirty and shitty. All areas in Mexico have aereal cables even in the richest parts.

so South Africans houses are amazing. Being a Mexican myself.

Unlike the houses in the USA the majority ar from brick, got electricity and running water. You will not believe but wireless internet also available for them and have to mow the lawn every now and then too to keep the jungle out of your green grass before the zebra come and graze and attract lions.

It is as normal as any other place mate.

Very much like Australia. Some areas have heavy security, others have not.

Some poorer people still live in houses built of "sticks and mud".

Normal houses made of bricks.Yes, we have lawns, gardens, swimming pools etc.

Google Streetview.See for yourself.

sticks and mud

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