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Hi, my name is Blahsomeone Blah. I was asked to talk all of you about a subject I feel strongly about. As soon as I got this request, I immediately thought of something that bugs me so much I just have to talk about it. This bothersome problem is something we all do or have done.

Yes, the problem I talk about today is littering. Pesky litterbugs impact everyone, everywhere. You can see their impact on the very trains and trails we travel. You can see their impact on the paths and pavement about our parks. There is not one place, not one Canadian city, town or village that is not affected by this problem.

If we do not stop this terrible habit of simply throwing our garbage on the ground, I fear that soon we will all be swimming in our own waste. This "who cares" attitude is taking us no where, or, at least, not where we want to go.

Litter is damaging to wildlife. Take Florida. I once heard a story from a relative of mine, who used to live in a city down south, about pigeons. Deep in the heart of this city pollution is alarming. There is garbage everywhere, garbage on the streets, on the sidewalks and in the parks. Pigeons, as you may know, enjoy the bits and crumbs of the streets. Well these pigeons obviously had not learned how to be decisive when picking which pieces to eat and which to not. They eat everything and in consequence, most grow very sick and die.

Litter looks gross, is gross and most likely tastes gross (although I would not suggest you eat some any time soon). I think we can all agree to that. Would you want piles of garbage lying around your room garbage that is not even yours? I think not.

There is nothing good about litter. So, why do we do it? Simply put, we are lazy.

How do we eradicate this problem? Easy, by putting our garbage in the garbage or even better, Follow the three Rs. Reuse, reduce and recycle. We learn this stuff in kindergarten and if a 5-year-old can do it, we can do it too.

I know that if we all tried our hardest to solve this problem, our streets would be a lot more pleasant to walk on.

So, Next time you think about littering, think about the beautiful world we live in and how ugly it could look covered in garbage. Littering does no good. Think before you drop a piece of garbage on the ground.

Now I will leave you with one last humble request: do not litter. Thank you.

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