luvmeeluvmenot Asked: What is the cheapest fully loaded mini van on the market right now?

Hubby and I fell in LOVE with a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition. This van had EVERYTHING. Navigation, satalite radio, dvd, wireless headphones, leather seats, parking alarms, car alarm, moon roof, pretty much everything, to much to name. Only problem is it had over 150K miles on it and it was going for $13,500. We have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Basic with extended cab with only 58K miles on it that we can trade in for $9,000, and we have the $4,000 cash to buy the van straight up, but it's just to many miles for us. Now I'm stuck on a fully loaded van or suv as nice as the odyssey, but more within our price range. Our family continue's to grow and we have out grown the Toyota. What is the cheapest used van with preferable under 100K miles on it that is fully loaded? Thanks in advance.


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