Jaime Panda Asked: What Kind of Phone Should I get?

My loyalty lies with Verizon Wireless…B/c most my family hasit
I'm hoping to find one with a full key board …because I text almost 24/7
One that allows WiFi without me having to pay additional $$$
hopefully, allows me to listen to music….just putting it out there
The basic essentials; calender, alarm clock, ect. ~DUH!
DEFINITELY needs to have a GREAT battery life~I'm always dependable on my phone!
I'm okay with touch screens….
It should be pretty indestructible; Like when it falls to the ground or drops in a puddle ~I always hope it live, and survives to tell the story<3
Good-Great Camera Quality
PRICE IS NOT AN ISSUE (black friday is coming up <3)

I was thinking blackberry, android, droid,maybe even iphone…even though I probably wouldnt use any of the apps on there…But ive been told they are really good phones…

I have an enV touch at the moment, ive had it for 3 years now, its time for a change~HELP!

and if you dont mind, give me some "reviews" on the phone(s) you guys recommend—-THANKS!


Oj Dre Answered:
HTC incredible please answer my ?

Android Core Answered:
well any android has your requests as default… Blackberries.. we just wont go their.. Iphones, sure–if you wanna be controlled by the manufacturer…

so, only thing left is POWER… Id say Droid RAZR.. or the upcoming new flagship android—Galaxy Nexus…

Michelle Answered:
Try Amazon Black Friday Deals their prices are fabulous


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