EL GALLO DE NY Asked: What legal recourse do I have when purchasing a used car under deciptive means?

I purchased a new car at a dealer tonight. I went to this dealership because the internet posting listed the car as having heated mirrors, heated seats, remote start, anti theft alarm, leather upholstery and even a power sunroof. After I test drove the car, it felt good and I asked about the remote starter. the sales person said he didn't know where it was. I then noticed there was no leather upholsyery but decide the car was still worth it for the other options. I asked about the heated mirrors and the sales person even said, he didn;t know it had heated mirrors.

At the end of the deal I asked the finance manager for the remote starter. The finance manager said that when I return the enxt day they would have it for me. When we arrived home I started inspecting the car. Of course I soon realized that there were no fog lights, no heated mirrors, no heated wipers, no working anti-theft device or even the sunroof. It was so late and the dealership was closing that I felt bad keeping them after hours. I was under the impression there was a state law allowing for 3 days but of course, there is no such law for used car sales. However, the Buyer's Guide clearly indicates that this VIN# should have come with all those options. I feel they The dealership purposely misled me and if I'm correct, the Buyer's Guide is part of the sales contract. If that is the case doesnt the dealer have a legal responsibilty to produce the car with these options? I was wondering what rights I have under the law to return this car. If I can not return the car, what legal recourse would I have for purchasing this car under deciptive means?


Hugh Jass Answered:
you didnt notice the lack of a sunroof

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