Asked: What’s a good smoke detector system to get?

Right now at our house we have I think 4 smoke detectors, Garage, Basement, Main Floor, My Bedroom and they are all individual battery powered. If smoke hits one of them just that one goes off, online I saw a system that says smoke detectors are interconnected. They are battery powered (wireless) and they say if one goes off they all go off. I'm thinking of changing our system and what do you think is a better system? Individual battery powered alarms or a system where one goes off they all go off?


If you are happy to install a battery operated, radio-interlinked system, the Ei3100 series is a good smoke alarm range. You would install the heat alarm version in the garage and kitchen, the optical version in lounge, bedrooms and hall and the ionisation version (if you are in the UK) on the first floor landing.
If one alarm detects fire, all alarms will go off

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