Asked: where can i find a wireless motion sensor that can call / message you through phone / computer?

i want a wireless motion sensor/detector that can monitor a select area of my choice (perhaps a park 2 blocks away) & send me a message through the phone by calling me or the internet by e-mailing me to my PDA, whenever motion is detected. I don't want an alarm to sound off at the location! I think I had come close to finding a product that shares those characteristics but some of them are not perfect. For example, in the 1st link, the product fulfills every checklist for the criteria I had, except that it's not wireless….the product in the 2nd link MAY work but I would need to find a way to make the alarm or siren function discontinued since I don't want a sound to go off at the site of the area being monitored. The issue with the product in the 3rd link is it doesn't cover the distance or range as much as I want. I would prefer to have the alarm monitor an area that's much further away. Does anyone have a wireless motion sensor that fits closely to my description????


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