Wednesday Loves You Asked: where can i go live if i dont want to live with my parents anymore?

i make 9 bucks an hour as a security guard…i want to leave my parents home but i dont know where to go…besides moving into my own apartment where can i go? i tried the military, but i only have a g.e.d so i need college credits, i dont have any friends to live off of either and i dont talk to any family members anymore…i have a car but its under my dads name so hell probly take it away if he finds out what im up too…im 21 by the way i just feel like i need to get away for awhile…go somewhere diffrent even if i have to come back again.


Rax Answered:
I suggest that you take a 2 week or 1 month vacation instead of leaving your parents. You are not financially stable yet, you need to finish college to get a better paying job. I think you should aspire more than just being a security guard for the rest of your life. Study and study hard, make your parents proud of you. Make more friends, meet more family members. You can't go through life just being alone by yourself.

IanWill Answered:
you may leave them as long as ur wedded.if yesvisit them regularly and give them cash weekly.that's bcoz they are the ones that care 4 u.if possible,live with two different attached houses or simply twin houses
and dont listen to me about leaving them.theyl feel lovesick of u

christie Answered:
I completely agree with Rax.Education is key.Find something that you will enjoy and major in it!Never settle for something mediocore that will let you barely skim by.Stay with your parents until you can get on your feet and leave them feeling proud of you.

Julia Answered:
Troll camp

you do like making all these storys and crap up don't you.

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