Dangerous Asked: Which are the top fierce attack dogs?

Hi, I have been doing research on some of the most uncommon yet very good protection dogs. I am curious how would they be different if compared against each other. Generally German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Doberman, Rottweiler and Bull-mastiff are used for the purpose of guarding, protection or attack dogs.

But how would you rate some of my following favorite:-

1. Presa Canario
2. Fila Brasileiro
3. Dogo Argentino
4. Rottweiler
5. Cane Corso

In terms of Power, Agility, Endurance, Temperament, Speed, Bite Force, Stamina, Deep Barking Power etc in overall guarding aspect compared to them?

I am a proud owner of a Rottweiler and I'm probably going to pick one of the above mentioned fevorite breeds in future someday. People are too much worried about the bad reputation of the dogs when in reality they are raised just as us human, they are turned into what you turn them into. So, if you were to suggest me which of the 5 breeds should fit as the number 1 contender amongst attack dogs.

Also what is the difference beween Attack Dog Training and Manstopper Training?

Your answers are welcome.
Note: Plese don't mention any other breeds then the 5 already mentioned, I know there are 1000 others, I'm just not interested and don't post ridiculus comments like:-

Question: Why do you want to know???
Answer:Because there is no end to knowledge.

Question: Why don't you get human security or an electronic security system.
Answer: Cuz I want a loving companion who is just as good in guarding. And most important criteria, it should be a dog.

Question: Do you know any dog can be a guard dog, even my poodle can alarm when a burgler is at home…
Answer: Woopti-Doo, what do you want me to do, tell the army to change their trained K-9 unit of GSD's and Dobermann with poodles and Chihuahuas to attack terrorists and patroll national security posts?


Tolak Answered:
Honestly, if you are asking about attack dog training here you are setting yourself up for a legal problem.Those dogs are all equal.The individual temperament the dog is born with, as well as the training involved is what will make the difference.

If dogs were as big an offensive/defensive tool as you seem to think none of the handlers in the canine units you mentioned would carry a gun.Learn from them, get a gun.

dartass224 Answered:
Whoa thats a whole lotta loaded questions and big answers. I don't feel like writing a book on here. I highly suggest you find some working dog sites and read up on personal protection(PP) dogs and k9 units if you want to learn about the breeds, temperaments, working ability, etc. If your goal is knowledge, thats the place to do so as few people here have the answers you are looking for but rather extremely limited experience and a lot of loaded opinions.

In all honesty you have like, 50 different possible questions. Can you ask me one clear concise question?

"What I want to ask you is to rate the following 5 dogs as per their guarding ability. "

Ok. Assuming you mean guard dog as in a dog who is well bred, socialized and mentally mature(whatever age that may be for that breed and particular dog). This dog has had no special training but just territorial guarding instincts of his home turf. To me this is guarding, not PP or such other trained man work.

The dog of the 5 breeds that would posses this characteristic the greatest IMO and from what I know would probably be a fila with a presa CLOSE behind. Really there isnt a great difference in the temperament(per guarding). And in any of these breeds, bite force wont matter on any human bone.

1. fila
3. rottweiler
4. CC
5. dogo

Again, assuming they are well bred, and socialized. This is just a rough estimate. The dogo is a hunting breed and although they have territorial instincts they do not do man work nor are they sought out as a guarding breed, typically.

I love rottweilers and dogos. Those are my top 2 breeds. Also love presas.

Again I highly suggest checking out some working dog forums and PP. The stuff you can learn on temperament in working dogs is fascinating.

Pikachu Answered:
The only dog i have the pleasure of seeing in person is the rottweiler…that's off your list.I suggest you checking out this particular website…doesn't quite matter what breed…: (all are similar in that they are all used as guard dogs…the ones you've mentioned are mostly all molosser dog breeds)
Common Questions asked by Dog Owners regarding Guard – Personal Protection – Attack Work
When can you start training my dog for this type of work?
Normally over the age of 12 months.
Can you train any breed of dogs for protection?
What do you mean by suitable?
The dog has to have the right temperament and disposition for us to produce a well balanced trained canine.
How do I know that my dog can be trained for guard?
By bringing your dog to the centre. We will test him and give you the result on the same day.
If my dog is suitable does it have to be obedience trained first?
Yes. However, we can still train your dog for obedience and guard at the same time.
How long will it take for both courses?
If done combined it takes 3 weeks. If separate, 2 weeks for each course.
Will my dog still know me after the guard training?
Yes. We have never had a dog that we have trained that did not know the owners.
How much does it cost for the courses?
Obedience Training Courses are valued at A$350.00 plus boarding (1 week course) or A$350.00 plus boarding (2 week course) and Protection Training Courses are valued at A$550.00 plus boarding (2 week course), the temperament test A$60.00, which includes boarding, professional training, lessons with owner and dog. Full guarantee on all our work. (Prices are subject to change)
Will my dog still be all right with children?
Yes. No difference to direct family members. However, if a dog is attack or guard trained it should be at all times supervised by adults in the presence of outside family members.
Will my dog be a happy dog after the training?
Yes. Definitely, there will be no change to its character.

Pick one you want to most as a companion and check out some training programs available.Just remember you're taking on the liability of owning such a large dog that could potentially really do damage on a human since the dog breeds you've selected are all bigger than most humans….check your home owner's insurance to make sure your dog is covered cause it may not be.

good luck

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