Matt S Asked: Which car would be better for me to buy?

I am looking at a few cars in my area , im unsure on what one i should get i been reading reviews about both cars and people have bad things to say about both . the 2 cars are and what the ad said to help you out little .

For sale is my 2004 Chrysler sebring convertible lx, it is automatic has the 2.7 v6 motor that gets amazing mpg(25-30) like a 4 cyl but with the power of a v6. Just inspected today and has good tires needs nothing at all ready to drive convertible top works perfect power everything AC and CD. I just spent $2500 to have a new motor professionally installed which only has 50k miles on it!!! The motor was installed end of summer last year and have only used full synthetic oil since and have changed oil evey 3k miles this car has never been abused and always very well taken care of and I have always had all work done at a reputable shop and used premium parts I have never spared any expense at having this car taken car of in the best possible way. I hate to sell this car but I just bought a truck and can not have both cars. I need to sell this asap as I have limited room in my driveway I'm asking $3550

2003Chevy Malibu V6 its in excellent condition it runs like new!! The body is in very good condition the interior is in great shape it has been pampered since new. The car has power windows ,power locks,power seats,remote start,keyless entry with alarm and two key pads,cd player,cold ac,new tires,new brakes,rotors and calipers. The car has no check engine light no issues very solid dependable car no problems at all!!! It was recently new york state inspected for one year it only has 110k pampered miles it has always been garage kept! Im asking $3500

What car would be best for all seasons, performance, so forth cause i heard that the CHRYSLER 2.7l engines blow up . I need a good car that will last that is good on gas and safe for a baby.


guy68 Answered:
My mom has a Malibu and it has Never broke down thats the car all in my family use becuase it has been so reliable, becareful when buying a used car. check for coolant leaks, blown head gaskets check if it has been in a wreck. ask if it ever has been overheated! .i dont recomend chryslers,.i dnt see much of them.

Sean Answered:
To be honest a hate Chevy but the malibu is a great car good options nice looks and im not a fan if Chrysler especially sense Chrysler is like the old cardiac renoun for fluid leaks such as oil, coolent, transmission ect to be honest if it will leak Chrysler will leak it from my experience and friends and family experience even with a non used Chrysler and if its not the bigger Chrysler engine Ull have so many problems with performance and the engine maintainingso I would go with the Malibu good luck

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