Jag Asked: Which home monitoring system is the best?

I would like to have a monitoring system for my home that sends alerts via DSL internet. Looking for 5 wireless door sensors, 1 wireless motion detector, and 1 wireless camera. I want to self monitor. When the sensors are triggered, I want the system to sound alarm to deter the intruders and also send me I also send me alerts via email and text messagewant. I want to have access on iphone via an app to monitor my systems.

Which monitoring system is the best for this situation?

Nextalarm.com has this for around $250 and monitoring for $8.95/mo
Verizon has all but the motion detector for $250 as well and monitoring for $9.99/mo


James Answered:
Not really a camera question, is it?

But I recently shopped around for a security system and decided against it. The reasons?

My insurance company gives me a discount of $3 a month for having one, and the amount of coverage against theft and fire is unaffected. Criminals can disable your security system by cutting your internet or using a cell phone jammer. Most neighbors will not take notice of a strange person loading things into a car out of a house during the day. In addition to the cost of the alarm and monitoring fee, my city requires me to purchase a permit for an alarm system, and fines residents for false alarms.

You're better off with a really loud siren that will get your neighbors to look outside and/or call the cops, and those are under a hundred bucks with no monitoring fee. You can also purchase an internet-ready camera that you can access via your iphone for under $100, with no monitoring fees. You can buy them on Amazon (see below for the camera category tie-in).

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