Harper L Asked: Which home would you choose?

Option 1: EXTREMELY small (newer) 1 bedroom apartment with walk in closet, wall air conditioner, in a low income housing complex. Decent neighborhood, community pool. Multicultural community, security patrol at night.

Option 2: Older 2 bedroom in a 4plex, wall air conditioner (I think it is more than 25 or 30 years old, literally), good sized kitchen and bedrooms, with two full bathrooms -one with toilet and shower, one with toilet and tub. Small garage in alley behind 4plex. Primarily hispanic community. also appears to be lower income housing, but spoke to several neighbors and they indicated there was not excessive crime and they liked it there.

The price for each is very similar.

Which would you go for? The small one in the better more diverse neighborhood, or the bigger one in perhaps a slightly less desirable neighborhood, but still not a bad area?


Koll Answered:
The one next to the meth lab cause its a nice neighborhood

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