Im posting again!!!! WHOOOOO!!!! ——————————————————– -Demi's Pov- After a while Selena brings me home. I wave at her and give her a little smile before walking into my apartment. As soon as I walk in and close the door and run to the kitchen, Grab my razor blade, and yank off my braclets. I take a deep breath then a sigh of relief after i cut for the second time today. Something I dont plan on stopping. After im finished I bandage my arm up again and go to bed dreading having to wake up in the morning. Right now I feel as if I could sleep forever. I groan as my alarm clock goes off. I make it shut up and grab my phone seeing a message from Selena. Hey, Im picking you up to take you to school. I know your car is still there. We need to take that somewhere to get it fixed. I'll pick you up at 7AM. xoxo -Selena I look over at my clock and see its 6:30. I have an half hour to get ready. I drag myself out of bed and get dressed. I pile my braclets back on my arm making sure they cover my cuts. I brush my hair, Grab my blade and walk out the door. I sit on my steps and wait for Selena to show up. A few minutes later I see her car pull in and I go sit in the passengers side. "Hey." Selena says smiling. "Hey." I respond back. She pulls out of the drive way and drives to school. We get out of the car after she parks in the parking lott and walk in the school. I gasp as soon as I walk in. Everywhere there are pictures of my and Selena hugging in <b>…</b>

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