Why Install a Wireless Security Alarm System for Your Home

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Having an alarm system installed in your home is probably the best thing that you can give your family when it comes to protection and security. Your security alarm system can not only protect your home and property, but it can also even save lives. With just a push of a button, help will soon be on the way.

There are so many types of security alarm systems on the market that choosing a good one is going to be difficult. To make it easy for you, why not choose the wireless kind instead? Not only is it the most popular choice today, but the benefits that it will provide you are many.

No More Messy Wires

With wireless security alarm systems, you no longer have to worry about hiding the wires from sight since the system is making use of radio signals to transmit information and data. It can also easily be installed, too, that all systems will be up and running in just a matter of a few hours. No more need for circuit testing as well as wire stripping, so you will also be able to save precious time and effort.


Better Range

The protection provided by old school security systems is limited by its wires, but with the wireless type, the protection provided is wider and has a better range. In fact, you could say that the protection has been doubled since there is no more need for wires and that you can easily add sensors and networks to increase the area that it can cover.

The radio signals can also penetrate walls, so there is no longer the need for destructive installation. No more destroying or drilling through walls to have the wires installed, and no more hiring expensive providers to hide the wires when they restore the walls.


Better Protection

Older models of security alarm systems rely on your home’s phone lines and power grid to run and function properly. Cut these off and you will be left on your own. Yes, the alarm system has a battery backup in case the phone line was cut or the power goes out, but this will be exhausted.

With wireless security alarm system, on the other hand, you can rest assured that even if both your phone line and power were damaged, your alarm system will still be sending the distress signal to your monitoring service since the alarm was tripped. In no time at all, responders will be at your doorstep to help you out.

Also, the battery power of a wireless security alarm system is more reliable, more durable, and stronger than that of the traditional alarm systems. They will also prompt and remind you that you need to check the battery and replace them if needed. Now this is something that the traditional alarm system cannot give you.

In choosing the wireless security alarm system, you should always go for the best and known brands. If you have the technical know-how, then you can simply install the system yourself. If not, then it is very much recommended that you have a licensed technician install your home security alarm system for you.


Jennifer Dalcour is a technician at one of the top Bakersfield security companies. In her spare time, she also works as a part-time writer for Lifeshield California wireless.

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