haeunberry Asked: why is my mom is such a crazy bee yotch?

first of all she used to be abussive but not anymore but that adds to why i am sick of her
i used to be the nicest daughter in the world, but i had to live away from her for 4 months and i didnt stay all obsessive and mommys girl and stuff after i lived apart for so long i just turned normal and when i started to live with her again she used to beat me up about how her life is sad and why i am notsuper overly sweet to her anymore.

and thats not the point now, im really angry and im crying because SHE ALWAYS TRIES TO GET ME IN TROUBLE from my new stepdad, she always talks **** about me and he nearly hates me now.
TODAY, i woke up late because i was watching my brother the entire day (they made me, even though i had like 3 tests tomorrow and so much homework) and i was finally getting homework done at like 12 and then i fell asleep in my chair i was so tired. my mom came in my room and trying to be nice, she helped me to get on my bed and sleep, she knows that i didnt set my alarm. i didnt even finish 70% of my homework and studying. then the next morning i wake up 10 minutes late. im 20 minutes late to school. after school (now), my dad comes early, and i tell her not to tell on me again, she says ok and when im in my room, i hear her telling on me, and my dad is like "U KNOW WHAT IF SHE DOESNT WAKE UP AGAIN DONT SEND HER TO SCHOOL ANYMORE" out loud so that i can hear it. im so ******* pissed. im so pissed im crying. so i tryy to explain but my mom is like "whatever youre a perfect angel so just shut up" and im just like WHY DO U TELL ON EVERRYTHING like seriously shes such a whore. she tells on everything even though i never tell my dad all the crazy things shes done . i havea brother that he doesnt know about. he lives with my blood-dad. and she overreacts over small things i say and makes up **** so i can get yelled at. im crying tears right now. i am sick of it. and i always get yelled at for staying up studying, even though youre the people that are like "watch your brother " do this" do that" … i may be overreacting but give me a break im 14. and im so sad because its not just because of this its all the things they say and what my mom did for years im just so sick of it. why catnt my family be not-asian?
please dont flag this. i really need some one to help me. and i stopped showing my body (clotheless) in front of my mom and some people ever since she beat me up and screamed at me like a crazy monkey bird every day because of her pregnancy and at that time i was depressed and sjuicidal. it just made me uncomfortable to be naked in front of her so i always lock the bathroom door and she always tried to see. she was like begging me to let her look at me and i was sick of it . i felt like i was molested by her when i was little even though i dont remember. and sometimes she would be next to me, and she would suddenly pull down my shirt and bra and id be like "STOP!!! WHY DO U ALWAYS DO THATTT!!" and shes just like "im curious " and id feel so violated and angry and id change into a turtleneck and cut myself. and theres more..

but basicallly im just pissed off about how she always tells on me for fun.. thats the main part of this question. she screams at me in korean in public sometimes. its so embarasing. its usually for stupid reasons like asking when we can leave/


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