fbi pie Asked: why is my video card beeping?

this happened six hours ago and only now is it working again, for now…

ive got a geforce7200 and its beeping, i came home and the screen was black and unresponsive, i tried to restart but the screen never came on and the tower (or whatever the word for it is, an answer for this is appreciated) started beeping, like alarm status beeping. i opened it up and found the fan on the card wasn't running and that the card was the source of the beeping…. ive gotten it to wok since then but since the fan stopped working im currently running it next to a box fan… so whats the problem? im thinking the beeping was from overheating but that doesn't seem likely as it would cool off pretty fast, but then again im not an expert… im thinking the card probably wasn't seated right but that doesn't explain how it spontaneously died earlier, since no one messed with it…. any ideas?


Danny Answered:
Maybe your fan is clogged or something and keeps cutting out? Have you looked to see if it needs cleaning? Just a guess

Adam Answered:
Beeping is a warning, and your hunch is right on the overheating. Could be clogged fan, or faulty fan, or even the card itself that it is not delivering the correct voltage to run the fan efficiently.

Other possibility could be you are running high graphics screensavers and your card is not getting any rest. That coupled with non-working fan will cause the overheating rapidly.

Dj justus Answered:
Beeping is an indication of a problem probably from overheating!
If you need something better to cool that card i suggest a cooling solution!


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