Donna Lu Asked: Will an alarm work on my driveway?

I've been researching wireless driveway alarms and many mention 'line of sight', our house is elevated and the driveway turns and goes downhill so that the entrance from the street is a lot lower than our house. I can barely see it from one side of the home but there is a line of trees between the end of the driveway and the viewpoint, , so would that fall into the line of sight criteria and is that area of the house where the reciever would have to be placed?


Perry L Answered:
The only way to know if it will work is to try. Just purchase at a place with an easy return. Possibly look into a hardwired system. You will have to bury the lines but may be the only option.

ColdWarrior Answered:
You are trying to use one retro-reflective device to scan the entire driveway. Why don't you just install the reciever and transmitter on opposite sides of the driveway? Put it far enough up so someone turning around from the street won't trigger it. You could add more in parallel to the first one as well. If a car parked, blocking the path of light from one set, it would remain on unless you did some ingenious logic design to ignore constant interuption and only look for a change in status. The logical complexity increases to the square of the number of devices less numerical duplicates.

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