Asked: Wireless Talking Alarm System?

I'm looking for a wireless talking alarm system,
One that will like announce "front door open" and stuff.
Seems impossible to find!!

Thanks in advance.


You may need to do it yourself. I was thinking of building one, it would use standard sensors you'd find in a hardware store hooked up to a computer somehow (possibly via Arduino). It could then use a text-to-speech program that would play sound over ceiling mounted speakers.

In short: it's definitely possible to find the parts, but may require quite a bit of work (and even programming skill) to get it installed and working. But you can customize it to do just about anything given the skills.

Google "Talking Security Alarm" and you'll find a few sites.The ones I found had "canned" messages (pre-programmed).But as in the previous answer, you may have to do some high level work yourself.

I was thinking of an alarm that has the sound of a large, vicious barking dog instead of a "ding-dong" doorbell.

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