This is a documentary of Charity Payne, a young woman sentenced to 165 years in prison for her role in the triple homicide murders in Lakeville, Indiana in September 2000. This is her story up to the murders, her incarceration, and release. Charity Payne had what many would call a normal small town background. She had good parents, supportive friends, and was popular in school. She attended John Glenn High School, graduated in 2000, and started a new job. Everything was going well until she met Phillip Stroud. Charity's decisions sparked a flame that would never be extinguished, forever changing the course of her life and many lives around her. On September 14, 2000, Wayne Shumaker, Corby Myers, and Lynn Ganger were building a loft in a pole barn in an upscale, rural Indiana home. Phillip Stroud and 3 men from Detroit came to burglarize the home not knowing the construction workers were on site. After one of the workers came out of the barn, Stroud decided they needed to be killed because they may have seen the license plate on their car. Instead of fleeing the scene, Stroud had the construction workers tied up and robbed. He then shot each of them in the head with a Tech .9mm handgun. Stroud later admitted to the killings, and how they bypassed the burglar alarm due to information provided by Charity. Charity had dated a young man whose parents owned the home. The events would shatter a small community. Charity was convicted of triple homicide and sentenced to 165 years <b>…</b>

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