Asked: Would a dog be good protection for me since I live alone in a bad neighborhood?

Hello. Someone tried to break in on me tonight, but my little hand held alarm scared them off. I'm really frightened right now. I live in my grandmother's old house, and it's in a bad area. I don't want to move, as the house means so much to me. Should I get a dog?


If you're too afraid to go outside with your "guard dog" then pretty much the location isn't for you.Sentimentality is no reason to live in fear.I hope you called the police when someone tried to break in.

Yes, a dog is a good idea.However, you need a dog ferocious enough to scare potential burglars away but not one that is so ferocious that you can't handle it.My last dog was 106 pounds at his prime.He looked intimidating because of his size, but I think he'd have licked a burglar to death before he'd bite one.So you have to choose carefully what kind of dog to get.

Before anything else, improve the lighting around your house and remove things near it where bad guys can hide.The dark is the criminals friend.You can also get a wireless monitored alarm system now so no wires have to be strung.These kinds of things do deter most burglars.

Getting a dog would be a great idea because 9 times out of 10 if a person hears a dog barking inside a house, the noise will be enough of a deterrent to keep them out. The key to the bathroom issue is potty training your dog like you do a child and they most likely will not have to go out in the middle of the night.

Yes u should get a dog hell protect u with he's life . Dogs are very good guards he won't let anybody go into you're house or hurt u because they'll put there lives first and it's like they'll take a bullet for u and they really give good company cause you're alone hell also give u love and company

Take good care of it and love it!

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