Home Security Products No matter how well your property is secured with locks, fitting a Yale alarm system will add peace of mind and an additional level of protection to your home. Yale offers wired and wireless alarms systems for a wide range of application and users' needs for maximum protection. The main benefit of the home starter alarm kit is that it is completely wireless. With two PIR sensors for corners of rooms or passageways and one window/door contact there is no unsightly wires between these components. The alarm is easy to install and there is no damage caused to home decor and no carpets need to be lifted. This alarm kit is ideal for flats, garages or terraced and semi-detached homes. It is easy to fit and comes complete with a wireless remote control access pad. This flexible kit lets you add accessories to suit your needs and to give you more protection for your property. The remote keypad is easy operated to set and unset the alarm–it is pre-set with a 20 second exit or entry period so you get plenty of time to arm or disarm the alarm before it is triggered. At Yale, they have been taking care of people and their favourite things all over the world, for over 200 years. Like your great-great-great grandparents before you, you can be secure in the knowledge that fitting Yale alarms or Yale locks to your doors and windows means complete peace of mind and full protection for your family. Yale is one of the oldest international brands in <b>…</b>

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