Yesterday Part 1!!! Please try to enjoy!!! It's gonna be gudd I promise!!! ———————————————————————————————————– Meera's POV Why was this happening! Drew!! My poor Drew! I can't even imagine what he was going through! This all my fault. I should have stopped him. One misunderstanding caused this to happen. Slowly tears flew down my eyes uncontrolabley. (One Year Ago) Meera: Well, here we are girls. Maribelle: Yeah thank god my ass is killing me! Why did we have to drive to California? Christine: Maribelle chill, we're already hear you don't need to complain anymore! Daniella: Great now we have to unpack. Maribelle: What! We drove for 3 days from Chicago to California and now we have to unpack! This is nonsense! I'm going to bed! Daniella: Maribelle, all the furniture needs to be unpacked! Maribelle: Ugh, this is ridiculous! Meera: Don't worry by the time we finish unpacking Frankie and Meena will be here and they can help us set up and we'll be done. Christine: Well don't waste time! Let's unpack! Meera's POV Man this house was huge! I can't believe Frankie got this house for us. Frankie, Maribelle, Christine, and Daniella were my best friends and Meena was my twin sister. Frankie and Meena were gonna be late because they caught traffic at the border so they were gonna catch up with us later. But all I could think about was going to the audition for back up dancers to perform with Varsity Fanclub on <b>…</b>

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